Strongest Handheld Magnifying Glass

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  • 30X High Power Magnification: The strongest handheld magnifying glass adopts high-quality ABS + glass optical material, which is more scratch-resistant with extremely high definition. The perfect magnification effect is helpful for the elderly and low vision for easy and clear reading.
  • Excellent Brightness of Lights: The 30X handheld illuminated magnifier has 18 LEDs. Three lighting modes can be created, including white light, yellow light, and warm light. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • Easy to Use: The magnifier can be operated easily. LED light source control adopts a four-stage push switch controlled by simple one ON/OFF button. Built-in ergonomic design, easy to hand hold.
  • Large Lens & Multiple Use: Magnifying glass equipped large double real glass lens makes the surface durable and scratch resistant, high power magnification, ideal for examining fine prints in reading newspapers, documents, maps, coins, stamps, electronic parts, jewelry, photos, and crafts, needlework, plants, and other close work.
  • Perfect Gift Choice: Most elderly have difficulty reading the small print on coupons, prescriptions, and medicine bottles. The strongest handheld magnifying glass is a good assistant as a gift for seniors. 
  • We have a rose gold handheld LED magnifying glass as well, check it out.

Specifications of Strongest Handheld Magnifying Glass

  • Brand: Nazano
  • Color: All Black
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Lens Material: Glass
  • Item Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 8 inches



All Black

Lens Material


Item Dimensions

7 x 2 x 8 inches

11 reviews for Strongest Handheld Magnifying Glass

  1. W. Wood

    This magnifier glass serves its purpose however, the focal point is very narrow meaning that you need to move it back and forth to get it at exactly the right distance from what you are looking at or it will be out of focus. Also, you are only able to see a very narrow portion of what you are looking at. By this I mean when reading the fine print on a bottle of medicine, I had to keep moving let and right to read the text as I could not see all of it at the same time.

    The finish of the magnifier is very good, and the light is great with three different color settings. It is a bit heavy but not sure that makes a big difference.

  2. Good Consumer

    I don’t normally leave feedback on Website unless I feel the item is either very worthwhile the time and effort to report the success of the product, or to report that it sucks so bad I have to warn people. But in this case, this magnifier is superb. First, the light is very bright and whatever you are looking at is totally lit up. The magnification is great. It’s not a microscope obviously but for reading the small font print that is for some reason so prevalent today, you can see what you are reading. I was pleasantly surprised and will be ordering another one. (I got the black color.) I have tried other handheld magnifiers with poor results. This unit has very substantial glass and has a heavy, high quality feel. I wholly recommend this magnifier and the price is unbelievable for the quality and effectivness / usage of this magnifier. Finally, a magnifier that actually works well and let’s you see.

  3. Gail A.


  4. GR

    The only problem I have with this magnifier, is the battery compartment cover. It doesn’t stay closed well. I’m constantly clicking it back into place. It bugs me. I’ll probably have to put a piece of tape around the handle to keep this from happening… Other than that – it’s a great magnifier. It has a glass lens and the LED lighting is great. By the way, 30x is what you want for a household magnifying glass… Anything less, is useless… This unit is a 30x unit… I gave one to my mom, she’s in her 80’s; She uses it very often… I’ve actually purchased several of these. I keep them all around the house and I use them often…

  5. Nancy G

    It’s a well-built product the magnification is great. I like the light feature – gives a clear view of the magnified area. Totally worth it.

  6. Bobnur

    It is just the right size.

  7. Rig-A-Ma-Jig

    First off, I don’t like giving reviews of durable products without having used them for a while.
    So, that and the fact that I don’t know the efficiency of the 3 batteries (AAA) with the 3-way lighting system it has, which is very good. The glass lens is excellent, and without the added distortion that most plastic lens have. It also has a well built quality and feel to it.
    So, in conclusion I’d give it 5 stars if it lasts through many years of normal use, and if the nice lighting system doesn’t eat up batteries too quickly, which shouldn’t happen if at least of average LED quality.
    Also, the 3-way switch works well and is conveniently placed, the batteries are easily loaded into the handle, and it’s fairly priced.

  8. A. Boomer

    I don’t have any vision problems, but I use this magnifying glass to examine tiny organisms (e.g., slime molds, small fungi, plant galls, etc.). This product is a larger and heavier than I would like, but the optical quality is good for the price, and I like the illumination. 4 stars instead of 5 because the glass was dirty and the cleaning cloth was missing (possibly a returned item that was sold as new?).

  9. Belinda Motley

    great for threading needles when sewing

  10. grammy

    This product was exactly what I was looking for. It makes reading labels and instructions on prescriptions readable. I was impressed by its clarity.

  11. william thomas

    works good

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