Extra Large Magnifying Glass

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  • Extra Large View: The 4.7-inch main lens covers an extra large viewing area without having your hands move all the time. The surface is durable and scratch resistant, ideal for examining fine prints in reading newspapers, documents, maps, coins, stamps, electronic parts, jewelry, photos, crafts, needlework, plants, and other close work.
  • Clear Magnifier: Our extra large magnifying glass with light comes with a large lens that can magnify 2X and 6X magnifications which is clear and undistorted. Also in-built is a 1-inch inlet that allows for 15X magnification, allowing users with low vision to read text, no matter the size.
  • 14 Illuminated LED lights: Our extra large magnifying glass has 14 energy-saving LEDs lights with 2 brightness modes. Even at night or in the dark, the user can get a great reading experience. Especially if you have presbyopia, amblyopia, or macular degeneration, this will be a good choice for you to read magazines or books. Health-led lighting can allow people to read in the dark for a long time with comfortable.
  • Ergonomic Handle Design: The handle of magnifying glass is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for most hands to grip/hold, making it ideal for anyone who likes to read for long periods of time. Supplied fully assembled and only requires 4x AA batteries (not included). Once the batteries are added, the magnifying glass with light is ready to use and is perfect for the elderly or those who need an intuitive magnification system.
  • Perfect Gift for Elderly& Kids: This reading magnifier is the perfect gift for the elderly (mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather) to read the fine print. Not only can it bring great fun for kids to explore the great outdoors. but also can help elderly people check little words, crafts, and photos, read books, newspapers, medication instructions, collect coins and stamps, etc. Comes with 12 Months Worry-free Warranty, if you have any problem during use, feel free to contact us

Specifications of Extra Large Magnifying Glass

  • Brand: Nazano
  • Color: Bright White
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Lens Material: Glass
  • Magnification Strength: 15 x

Bright White

Lens Material


Magnification Strength


43 reviews for Extra Large Magnifying Glass

  1. Laurie I

    This magnifying glass feels very sturdy, it¡¯s comfortable to hold and has many lights to brighten your viewing area if need be. There¡¯s a low and high setting for the lights, or you can leave the lights off. The magnification is clear and enhances visibility. This magnifying glass would make a great gift for an elderly person or anyone who struggles with seeing small print or objects. My only challenge was trying to get into the battery compartment. It¡¯s difficult to slide the plastic piece off to insert batteries. (Batteries were included.) My husband had to help me to get it off. Other than that I like everything else about this magnifying glass and recommend it.

  2. GoJoe

    This is one nice magnifying glass. The light is good and bright. The lens is perfectly ground… clear and no distortion. The handle is perfect to balance the whole assembly. Nothing undesireable to say about it. If you need a nice, big, clear magnifying glass, then this is for you!

  3. Jeffrey W. Hamilton

    This does require 4 AA batteries for the light. The lens is large. It is well-balanced. The handle is easy to grip and comfortable. It was very easy to see detailed information. There is a smaller lens within the lens for extra magnification.

  4. Edward W.

    I know that the dimensions are in the product description, but when I took this out of the box, I was shocked at how big it is! I was expecting a “normal” sized magnifying glass… but this this is really big, which I actually love. the light works great. I think it’s cool, and it works well for whatever you need, just realize it’s big and may be too big if you are thinking to use it for tiny work. otherwise it’s fantastic and I love it.

  5. Martino

    I had perfect vision when I was younger but now I need help with some of the really small printing that most manufacturers are using today. I think it is very important to be able to read instructions, especially when taking medicine or supplements. I remember when my girls were younger, I would not give them any medicine when they were sick until I could read all the directions as it was a very important safety concern. I noticed at the time that either my eyes were getting weaker or companies were using smaller letters. I found out that it was the former.

    Due to not being able to read small print without some assistance, I was looking for a nice magnifying glass. This one was a bonus as it had a light with it. As soon as I received it, I had to put batteries in to test it out. Wow, I could see again and I loved the bonus light. Like someone else said, I too liked the brightest light when you hit the button twice. I also agree with another poster that said the magnifying glass was somewhat heavy. It is to a degree once you put the batteries in but it really did not prevent me from using it all the time. I guess if you do have some hand or muscle issues it could be a problem. In any event, I finally found one of the best magnifying glasses that I was looking for. A great wide area to look through and a bright light that makes it even better.

  6. redding girl

    I just turned 74 today. This magnifier with light LED will be a great asset when I have to work on small things and be able to read very small print. I deal with a lot of cigarette, lighter chargers and for whatever reason they print tiny little print with the information on them and this is a great asset to reading that. Would recommend these to anyone half blind.

  7. nuke

    Well rats, after a couple of months of casual use, one of the 14 LED’s has already quit. I hope this is not a bad omen for the future.

  8. Marsha S.

    Well, it’s happened; I find myself squinting at labels and holding them two inches from my eyeballs to read them. While this magnifying glass is far from inconspicuous (I won’t be whipping it out of my purse at the grocery store) it’s big, bright, and super handy to have around the house. It came with a microfiber cleaning cloth and requires 4 AA batteries (not included). It will be hard to lose- it’s big!

  9. Wheeler

    If you are an old geezer like me then you probably will like this product. I do.

  10. AKK

    This magnifying glass with light works great for reading all those items with tiny print. It takes 4 AA batteries (not included). It has a nice big clear magnifier with a rather big handle made of light weight plastic. I think my biggest issue with the size is where do I store it? If that is not an issue for you, it really has come in handy for reading product labels, coin dates, taking out splinters and much more.

  11. Joseph R. Morris

    Exactly as advertised. Helps with really small print.

  12. Kim F.

    I have been using this mostly for reading books. I read a lot. The older I get the more I need a magnifying glass. But not only does it magnify what I am reading but it brightens it as well. Push the button once turns the lights on. Push it again and it brightens. Push it a third time shuts them off. There are 14 LED lights that aer evenly spaced around the magnifying lens. So it brightens what I am reading nicely.

  13. Susan F. Ehrlich

    works very well

  14. MartyReads

    I love the magnification. Lighting is fine,… think? It’s hard to say, because holding this magnifier in my hand makes my hand hurt. And my hands are not small for a female. Just average. Absolutely perfect for a gorilla. I’m not going to speculate about other primates.

  15. clifford w.

    Work ok. The only thing I don’t like is it’s made of plastic.

  16. Samanthia Biggers Khari

    This has been so helpful for us middle aged folks in my house. I use this daily. It has an adjustable light and the letters are enhanced enough for you to easily read. Great find.

  17. J. Simms

    This product does exactly what it says it is going to do. The light on the mirror is perfect for seeing things in dim light. I am going to see if this company sells this in a smaller size. I will buy it if it does. Very satisfied.

  18. BLue Iris 64

    Very cool
    Love the light feature – takes 4 AA batteries
    The magnifier has 2 different magnification for very small writing
    Really helps a lot with reading fine print on medications – vitamins or food labels
    2 different light settings just a click away

  19. Sv

    Look no further, size, lights and weight are perfect.

  20. Kim Allen

    Great magnifying glass with LED lights. Adjustable lights from a dim to a brighter light. Takes 2 AAA batteries not included

  21. Connie

    Sometimes I have trouble seeing small text/writing, and needed a new magnifying glass. This has led lights on the backside that turn on with a press of the button. It has two brightness settings, I prefer the brightest as it really lights things up and I can see much better. I may try finding a strap so I can use it when I do my tiny dots. I paint and some of the details are very tiny. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. All the stores have smaller ones. It’s light for it’s size. The price is very reasonable for this one. Some of the ones I’ve seen recently cost way more than this if they have the two lighting settings. I will be using this a lot. Five Stars

  22. jody f.

    I really like the extra bright light when you click it twice. The small extra strong magnifying area is a bit too small in my opinion. I wish it were larger¡­but it¡¯s doable! Nice for the price. And not too heavy to hold.

  23. N. Lew

    Aside from the fact that we even need a magnifying glass, this one works really well. It has a nice light and is large enough to read the fine print in one setting. Nice!!

  24. S J Seymour

    The lighted magnifying glass works really well. The light is nice and bright and the magnification is good as well.

  25. Marlene

    This works great, specially when you¡¯re trying to read the fine prints. It requires 4 AA batteries to use the light, it is bright. Easy to grip the handle,

  26. Hannah Jones

    It makes small things look big!

  27. Impickle

    I guess all the magnifying glasses I’ve had in the past are super old school… They were small and obviously didn’t have any lights. Most of the time I felt like I still had to squint to read the words sometimes. I honestly chuckled when I saw the cheesy pictures on this product description, but I have to say I am now 100% on board!

    It is a perfect weight – it is easy to hold and it’s really just the size you want it to be. Not too small and not too big. The lights are a bonus for sure – I’m terrible about not turning lights on when they really would make things easier 🙂

    Sadly, these days, even my readers don’t do the job – so I am thankful to now have a new tool… one that is easy to handle and does a great job. I guess the only downside is that it takes 4 AA batteries and they don’t come with the magnifying glass. It would’ve been nice for them to be included but I figure these batteries will probably last a REALLY long time.

  28. Ksmer

    Somewhat weighty but easy to use.
    Lights are helpful.

  29. Muffi

    My husband collects coins and stamps. This lighted magnifier will make sorting through them so much easier. It has great magnification, even a magnifier within the magnifier. It also has 2 levels of light. It requires 4 AA batteries. It would be great for any need to closely view tiny objects.

  30. delicia

    I use this lamp for facials and i love it. i get to see the pores so well! i will get another one soon love it

  31. G. Fisher

    I’m very happy with my Nazano 4.7-inch Extra Large Magnifier with 14 Led Lights. This makes it easy to read the fine print in my documents, to closely examine my coins and other collectibles, and for some of the fine work I do in cabinetmaking. The built-in LEDs let me illuminate whatever I’m viewing with two brightness settings, which helps a lot with details. This lens requires four AA batteries (not included) which should last a long time if the magnifier LEDs aren’t used for a long time – I find I seldom need the LEDs because I already have decent lighting where I’m reading or working. The handle size, weight, and balance are excellent.

  32. CatLady

    Large area, good lighting. Seems made pretty well. We will see how long it lasts.

  33. Lawrence chew


  34. Stormwaterpro

    As we’ve gotten older we find ourselves reaching for a magnifying lens more and more. Especially when reading directions or safety precautions on labels.

    We’ve used the flat, plastic Fresnel lenses you can keep in your wallet and we have an old small magnifier that hid in our junk draw for years but we wanted something that was clearer and offered a bigger field of view – so you can see more of a page or whatever it is your looking at.

    This lens is nearly 5″ in diameter. This size allows the optical lens to have a more gentle curvature from side to side – so the image is magnified evenly across the lens. The magnified view looks like your are looking through a large clear window – where everything is bigger. And it is clear and sharp.

    The large lens is made from quality plastic so it’s much lighter than a similar size magnifier made with glass. The one piece frame is also plastic – it doesn’t come apart and never needs to be tightened like the old metal framed magnifiers.

    The handle has a good length and is large enough around to provide a steady grip. The batteries are placed low to give the device a better balance.

    Of course, like many products we’ve used for years, this one has upgraded technology in the form of LED Lighting built into the frame. This is really helpful, easy to access and comes in handy when you may not have the best lighting available.

    So, we’re very happy with this magnifier. It definitely meets the descriptions given on the webpage. It provides us with a bright, sharp magnified view when we would be struggling to see small text, a splinter or other small object. We really like the large diameter lens which gives an overall large image making small things easy to find – like a city or location on a large map. Compared to other similar products I’ve evaluated, this is very reasonably priced for the quality and features supplied. We would definitely recommend this to friends.

  35. C

    I grabbed this product thinking it would be helpful for plant care when inspecting for spider mites or other unfortunate circumstances. It works as described, and helps me inspect my plants.

  36. surfista

    As stated in the headline, this is great. It has good magnification, a clear lens, good ergonomics – but the best part is the lighting. Many magnifying glasses in this style have lighting, but these actually work. It is a huge improvement when you use the low setting and another big improvement when you use the high setting. It does take a lot of batteries – four AA – but it’s worth it. Hopefully they will last a long time. They should include a protective sleeve or case to keep the lens from getting scratched when not in use.

  37. TooMuchPrime

    I’m past the point where I needed to get a magnifying glass to be able to read some fine-print and product instructions. This hand held magnifier with two light levels has come in very handy. It is getting used more than I would like.

    The light itself is easy to hold, not too heavy, and the light on the low level is sufficient in most instances. I have kicked up the light level a couple times, and it definitely sufficiently brightens up its target. The magnification level is about right for me, as I’ve used other magnifiers that go right to 10 or higher and are a bit more difficult to focus on. As far as the extra magnification, the small spot in the mirror, for me it was a bit overkill but it does work well if you need that much magnification.

  38. rozy18

    This is exactly what its intended for.. is reading. You can’t really use it otb


  39. Gary C.

    It arrived in box containing magnifier, microfiber cleaning cloth and simple use guide.

    Frame is made of molded plastic and very sturdy. The large handle allows for comfortable, easy single hand use and operating of LED lights without issue and functions as 4 AA battery compartment for lights.

    Adding batteries is simple, open compartment, align battery to match polarity, close compartment. LED operation is done using single button on handle to switch between 2 brightness levels and off.

    Magnifying lens is not made of glass but resin and well secured inside of frame under back panel with screws. Lens provides 2 different levels of magnification, 2 x 120mm and 6 x 23mm and does it well as far as I¡¯m able to tell.

    Large magnifying glass that easy to handle and operate lights, fairly heavy with batteries installed.

  40. N Drew

    I like the brightness of the lights, there are two settings for these. It doesn¡¯t come with batteries to run the lamp, you need 4 AA¡¯s to make it work. It has a nice weight and a nice sized handle to grip. This would work well for a close look at something or just to read fine print.

  41. Boopie

    Once the eyesight starts to go you need all the assistance you can get. This works great and the lights are a bonus. I use it all the time

  42. Art F

    The Nazano 4.7inch Extra Large Magnifier with 14Led Lights is a large size illuminated 2X handheld magnifier. Because of the large size lens and low magnification level the Nazano 4.7inch Extra Large Magnifier with 14Led Lights can magnify the full width of a column of print with room to spare. The low magnification allows use even if a person has a slight tremor or shaky hands.

    Lens Material: The lens is acrylic. This makes it much lighter than a glass lens of this diameter but also makes care and handling more important. Plastic lenses can scratch. The manufacturer implies the lens has a scratch coating. I did not try to test that.

    Optics: The main body of the lens has a clear diameter of 4.7¡±. I found that there was very little distortion right up to the frame. The main lens did exhibit a little pin cushion distortion but that is to be expected for low-cost magnifiers. There is a 1¡± ¡°bifocal¡± just above the handle. The manufacturer rates this as an 83mm focal length insert with a presumed magnification of 6X. My calculations suggest that this spot has a magnification of 4X.

    Illumination: The Nazano 4.7inch Extra Large Magnifier with 14Led Lights has 2 brightness settings, bright and very bright. The color temperature is cool white. Some experts recommend warmer light for macular degeneration. Personally, I like cool white. It is a matter of personal preference. The unit requires 4 AA batteries.

    Overall Comfort: With the large size lens and 4 AA batteries the Nazano 4.7inch Extra Large Magnifier with 14Led Lights has some heft to it. It might be uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time especially for someone who has arthritis.

    1. Large acrylic lens; shows more than 1 column of newspaper print in 1 field of view
    2. Bifocal insert for higher magnification of very tiny details
    3. 2 levels of cool white illumination
    4. Minimal optical distortion

    1. A bit hefty with batteries inserted

    Summary: The Nazano 4.7inch Extra Large Magnifier with 14Led Lights would be an excellent choice for someone who wants a low cost, large, low magnification, handheld magnifier. The illumination makes it appropriate for elderly people or someone with mild to moderate cataracts and earlier stages of macular degeneration.

  43. Cheryl H

    I use this late at night when I don¡¯t really want a bright light on. I love it. it has various settings.

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