Double Lens Magnifying Glass

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  • 3X & 45X MAGNIFICATION: The double lens magnifying glass has an optical grade 3X & 45X magnification lens ensuring a clear distortion-free image and lifetime usage. And the scratch-resistant, crystal-clear lenses are more clear and color-correct than common acrylic lenses. It comes with a 3x magnifier and with a 45x jeweler magnifying glass.
  • LIGHTED MAGNIFYING GLASS: The LED magnifying glass features a premium-quality optical lens and coin magnifier. 3 Built-in energy-efficient LED lights are designed to help you to read at night or in dark places; Easy to operate with a simple ON / OFF button switch; The handheld magnifying glass is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • ERGONOMIC AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The magnifiers are made from high-quality ABS plastic, smooth surfaces, and ergonomic & lightweight design (only 5.8oz) making them comfortable for handheld use. You can rest assured that the hand magnifying glass will withstand rough handling thanks to the scratch-resistant magnifying lens.
  • Wide Application: 3X magnifying glass lens is well designed for people with low vision and macular degeneration to do crafts, do hobbies, or read books, maps, magazines, coins, and stamps. 45X magnifying glass lens is perfect for miniatures, jewelry, or professional inspection.
  • Great Elderly Gift: Most elderly have difficulty reading the small print on coupons, prescriptions, and medicine bottles. clear magnifying glass with light is a good assistant as a gift for seniors. 
  • If you need single-lens magnifying glasses only, please check out our other product lines here.

Specifications of Double Lens Magnifying Glass

  • Brand: Nazano
  • Color: Black
  • Batteries required: Yes
  • Item weight: 150 Grams
  • Lens material: Acrylic
  • Item dimensions: 20 x 11 x 3 Centimetres




Item weight

150 Grams

Lens material


Item dimensions

20 x 11 x 3 Centimetres

141 reviews for Double Lens Magnifying Glass

  1. Falling Tree Farm

    As a basic magnifying glass, it works very well for most purposes.

  2. Mississippi Malka

    Actually, I bought this one because I lost the one I’d been using. When I bought it, I thought to myself, now I’m going to find the old one, you know, Murphy’s Law. And as soon as it arrived and I opened the package one of my grandchildren walked in with the old one, Saying my mother told me to return this to you. I like these things so much I don’t mind having two. Mainly I use them because I’m a nerd and I like to see things close up.

    I especially like the smaller lens with the higher magnification. The light is almost crucial when using that lens, because it helps bring out details, even on a sunny day.

    Also, now that I’m getting older, sometimes I have trouble reading information on small containers. The large lens is usually enough to help me read those. (And once again, the light helps make everything more clear.)

  3. Ernest Hundley

    Has a bright light which makes it easy to read even very small print.

  4. Andy J. Greenfield

    I wasn’t exactly sure what my expectations were for the SeaZoom magnifying glass. But what I can tell you is that I was more than pleased. The right size, fit well in my hand and delivered!

  5. Nice Man

    I use this product when I am doing my diamond art, and I love it! Much easier than wearing some silly thing on my head and it’s light and easy to hold. I appreciate the brightness of the light.

  6. Bonnie Eickhoff

    Two of these delightful magnifiers are use every day. One near my easy chair and one rests on top of the programable thermostat. The light is easily engaged. The magnification is perfect. Originally purchased for paint by number canvas projects, now use for reading those tiny labels on products.

  7. Angela Westcott

    Good product. Eligible to receive a 2nd one for free. They contacted me quickly and shipped the free item immediately. Great service!

  8. Brenda J.

    The large magnifying glass works great

  9. Richard

    Need the extra eyes

  10. tot tran

    Yes I like that

  11. Donna W.

    Like this product. The light is an added plus.

  12. Koolc

    handles well, the small magnifier could have been larger, but it’s okay. good for anyone with aging eyesight

  13. Fernholz

    This was a Deal of the Day, so it was a great price. It’s good size and lightweight. However, I was a bit disapointed that the 45x magnifier is in the smaller glass. I want this for my elderly Aunt and believe she will not be able to see much through the small lens.

  14. David R Lindsay

    My only issue with this product was the lenses not being vlean on arrival.

  15. Dmacks

    Great product performed as advertised nice bright light made it easier to see small words thanks

  16. Mama

    I bought this for my mom who really likes the light option. She felt it will work great for her when she needs to read the really small print.

  17. Style Guru

    I bought this to put in a first aid kit for my dogs. It small enough to fit perfect in one of the pockets. Sturdy bu light and easy to hold with large glass area, which helps when also holding a fingering dog to find a burr wedged between pads. Gave 4 stars only because the light is a little to close to the handle to be as effective as I would wish but just having a light close to affected area is still a huge help!

  18. Robin C.

    The magnifying glass light is excellent. Now can even read the tiniest of type on medicine bottles.

  19. David Early

    Helped me see things much easier with the light option

  20. Carola Englmeier

    Cloudy and poor vision

  21. gary long

    I love it!

  22. Elsie Esseck

    Lightweight & handle is ergonomically very good; Occasionally, the light won’t stay on, but, with patience, can “play with it” to get it to stay on while using!!!! I use it all the time as I have macular degeneration & have trouble with small print.

  23. waldron ashley

    very easy to use and we use it for small print, small print very easy to read now! good quality product.

  24. Lynnda Collins

    Used for small print and small objects.

  25. TTC

    This is one of the best lighted magnifying glasses I’ve ever had.

  26. David Harris

    great quality for the price.

  27. Kindle Customer

    Hate the small print and this definitely helps make it clear!

  28. P. A. Mason

    I ordered this magnifying glass in the hopes that it would help me read more easily. Lately, my eyesight seems to have taken a nosedive. I am not sure if this is due to age or some of my current medications or both. This magnifying glass exceeded my expectations. This is mainly due to the light that is part of this magnifier. The magnifying glass does enlarge the type on my reading material making it easier for me. However, it is the light shining on the text (of the books and magazine articles) that really seems to assist me. (The light in the magnifier is powered by three AAA batteries, by the way. The batteries are easy to install in the device’s handle.) This item comes with a simple, large-print instruction sheet, too, which I appreciated.

  29. Kevin Meskew

    Like everything about it. My laptop doesn’t have illuminated keyboard so this comes in quite handy

  30. Cindy

    Needed stronger upgrade have limited vision that will become worse over time

  31. Kindle CustomerBill McHugh

    I have macular degeneration
    This is ideal for use with iPhone

  32. carmen dominicci

    Fuerte y pr¨¢ctica. Justo lo que necesitaba.

  33. Bill Byrd

    As I age it seems the font for product details and instructions and medications gets smaller and smaller. This magnifier is nice because it includes a light with illuminates AND enlarges.

  34. Glenn

    This product works well and is comfortable in my hand.

  35. MaureenSully

    I was impressed using the light and the enlargement of the print.

  36. Boomer

    This is exactly the size I needed, not too big and heavy. The lights are bright enough when I need them. The price is more than fair compared to others

  37. S. Thayer

    Purchased to add to our First Aid kits. It does the job

  38. Lance Waters

    just what i needed

  39. Rabbi Moshe Waldoks

    Light a great help and easy to hold.

  40. Karen J. Tucker

    Easy to use. Very helpful magnification. Promo delivery. Thanks

  41. Barbara Devries

    Excellent product. Easy to hold. Easier to see. Light helps in dark environments

  42. Margaret N.

    I found my new Seezoom magnifier to have a relatively small field of vision…i.e had to move it a lot to read a book or newspaper. But I work in a library, and it is PERFECT for reading the spine labels on books, particularly those on lower (less well lighted) shelves!

  43. Margaret M Hoffman

    Having a magnifying glass around the house is unfortunately necessary as my husband and I age, and have difficulty reading the small print on basically everything lately. This magnifying glass does the job well and we are very satisfied with our purchase

  44. Andy

    All in all it works great. Nothing fancy.

  45. Katey

    I don’t want to write a review

  46. clhodg

    This is an affordable Mag glass and very durable. Love it and hiding it so this one doesn’t get all scratched up!!

  47. Wayne

    Very nice for those times when you just can’t see what you want to.

  48. Gsampson

    Wish the large portion was a little larger- but overall very very happy with it

  49. Johnny whaley

    Love it!!

  50. LHyder

    Amazing magnification… I’m so impressed and thankful.

  51. BC

    When glasses aren’t enough the magnifying glass with light is great! I keep it handy!

  52. Victoria

    I just bought my second one of these. This product is the best and easiest to use magnifying glass I have ever had. I wear glasses and am aging ??….. And I need help with small print. This magnifying glass is very clear and with the plentiful lights placed perfectly on the device it has made reading that fine print easy for me. I highly recommend this product. There is nothing more irritating than not being able to see the print on things and this product has made a big difference for me!

  53. Great camera I have 6 of them around my house

    Work great when trying to read small print in almost everything you buy nowadays

  54. M

    Bought for a friend who loves it!

  55. Michael Glaser

    Checking small print

  56. Esther Goldstein

    An innovative solution for those of us with poor eyesight. Solves the problem of both low light and magnification in one easy to hold unit. Only issue is holding it in the right position can sometimes be a little difficult, but not overly so.

  57. BKGirl

    Very comfortable to hold and good size. Built in light is a great extra feature. Focus could be better.

  58. pawhuska1

    I am having trouble reading small print especially in poor lighting. This magnifying glass with the light and smaller zoom lens works great. I love it!

  59. Richard Elmore

    I like the way it does what I expected.

  60. MM / for my Nissan Rogue

    I received on a time a good condition, perfect for me. Thank you. Mariam

  61. The Flying Pink Pig Farm

    I use this to view the foundations of my frames in my bee hives. It allows ¡°old eyes¡± to see much clearer through a bee veil of what is going on with my bees. I love this new tool.

  62. DTATL

    Opened box. First response was Whoa at strength! For viewing historical artifacts, I still need stronger strength bc you only have ab 1 – 2 inches to work with and can’t see larger picture to right and left begin to blur, seem to go out of range. Can see finer detail in small spaced. Love that.

  63. Susan

    My 2 year old lighted magnifier stopped lighting and we tried all the possible remedies. I wrote to SeeZoom at the email listed on the Lifetime Warranty/instruction sheet. At 1:18 PM – I received a reply by 1:19 PM, and the promise of a replacement to be shipped immediately. American businesses should sit up and take note! I will give these as gift at Christmas. It is sturdy, the glass doesn’t scratch, and it is comfortable to use.

  64. kevin melendez

    Well made , string handle great magnification and easy to handle

  65. Rob & Ruthi

    Absolutely love it. We really love the light and that it takes normal batteries rather than the button varieties.
    So nice we’re thinking of getting another for the kitchen.

  66. casinogirl

    The product made it easier to read small print

  67. David

    It magnifies and the light helps.

  68. RoxyL

    It was heavier than I thought it would be.

  69. c winter

    Use this probably weekly, if not more. Perfect size and the little light works great!

  70. Ac Unkonwn

    Easy to hold and the light works. Hard to use on unflat surfaces.

  71. Margo A

    While I need a larger viewing area, I find this product to be a quality purchase. I bought 3 of them to put in different places.

  72. A.S

    I got the magnifying glass from the packing station, opened the box and the magnifying glass fell right out of the original packaging at my feet, good thing I was sitting in the car ????¡â? I had the impression that the product had already been used because it wasn’t packaged properly.
    Magnifying glass itself is good.

  73. gr8hands

    No more frustration with all the microscopic text on directions these days

  74. Brenda in Allegan

    Like the fact it has a light works great, pleased customer

  75. POSH Girl 1

    I use it all day long.

  76. ron omaha

    works well for small print is my go to magnifier as i get older

  77. Bonnie J Beveridge

    Brightness of light is great. Use it more than magnifier.

  78. TKGoodyear

    Use it to read small print. Would recommend for anyone who needs a little help with reading small print.

  79. Ken Smith

    As I get older, print gets smaller. This magnifying glass came in quite handy as I documented our tax return. Good thing I purchased before doing our taxes because I can’t afford one now… 🙁

  80. Mrs. Sharen Sleater

    There is nothing to dislike.

  81. Gary

    Excellent lighted magnifying glass. I own one for very many years finally light stopped working thought of no other one to buy and replacement excellent Dual light easy to hold and not too heavy

  82. yes.

    easy to hold & brightness

  83. Phyllis Von Linden

    This a great small magnifying glass, it’s very clear and the light helps tremendously! I like the fit to my hand,also the jewelers glass is great for coins and that tiny print.

  84. MH

    I received my magnifying glass and excitedly found something to use it to see. My close up vision has gotten worse quickly recently. When I looked through the main lens, I could only see a few letters in the very middle of the glass. The surrounding area was very blurry and kind of “sloped”. The small area with the 45% magnification only shows things upside down. SO, I was forced tho give this a 1. Very DISAPPOINTED UPDATE: I decided to exchange my magnifying glass because of all the great reviews. I’m so glad I did. I received the replacement today. I can see clearly in the entire lens area, and the 45x zoom is no longer upside down. So my first WAS a lemon, but I’m sooooo happy with my replacement! I just wish there was a cloth bag to store it in.

  85. Nancy Miller

    You can see the print nice, large and clear.

  86. Ron VanCleve Sr.

    Product performed as advertised.

  87. kaydee

    I bought this as a gift for my 83 year old mother. She loves it! She especially loves the light feature. It’s not too heavy to hold and it’s small enough to fit in her purse. I would recommend it for everyone.

  88. Tony M

    Pleasantly surprised with the quality for the money.
    I have now bought three of them to replace old units around the house and shop.

  89. John Kilvik

    Decent build quality with good optics and very useful light. No provision for lanyard, nor do they show one, but mildly disappointed I couldn’t find a place to drill a hole & string a lanyard to hang this up.

  90. S.invicta

    I used to have sharp near vision, but advancing age has taken its toll. 🙁
    This magnifier has a bright light and good magnification for scanning coins and then focusing in with the second lens to check mint marks or other details. I would still prefer eyes that were 20 years younger, but this magnifier is the best alternative I have found.

  91. happy

    For the money, it was a good purchase

  92. Trev

    I use this to look at the details of aeronautical sectional charts with minute important details. My old eyes couldn’t see these as well in their exacting detail. This product rectified my dilemma and makes everything easy to see. Great product.

  93. Carole Mcintyre

    This is the 3rd one I have bought. Make great gifts! I can’t see close up so this is a necessity for me. Bright light, easy to hold, easy to clean. The extra magnifier is a great boost! Thank you for a very good product and YES I recommend it!

  94. Jim Dennis

    I use this magnifying glass to look at coins.

  95. Patsybrett

    The price was right
    Great product

  96. AvaB

    This Lighted Magnifying Glass is actually cute and works really well. It’s not heavy, it’s easy to hold and the lights are very helpful. The 3X magnification is great but the little window is no way 45X, it’s much less than that. Still, works well, but if 45 magnification is what you really want, that’s not going to be it.

  97. Joe Jones

    works great

  98. Tadaima

    Simple to use. Works as advertised

  99. ElizabethHorton

    I keep this in the kitchen for smallprint on boxes and labels. Good si,e, fish in your hand, a life saver for reading directions, how did I live without a.

  100. golukichi

    Everything I like.

  101. Kristen

    This works fine but there is an identical magnifier for half the cost. The Busatia comes with a cleaning cloth and a carrying pouch. The only difference is the color of the light switch.

  102. Melanie Bonagofski

    Magnification is great and the magnifier is light enough for a 94-year old with macular.

  103. Buyer

    Very satisfied and quick shipping

  104. Alicia

    I bought it to help with the small print. I got it today and took it over to my mom’s to use in helping her with recipts and tax info. She loved it so much I gave it to her and order another one for myself.

  105. jmf552

    I bought two, one for my desk and one for my workbench. At age 69, it really helps reading fine print! I would buy them again.

  106. J Brown

    Very happy with this product!

  107. Stephy G

    Can see the fine print so much better. The price is great and product is durable. The light is very helpful too.

  108. JDRanger

    Good quality magnifying glass.

  109. Jackie

    I have already bought this item twice and will probably purchase a third set. Like reading glasses, they are handy to have everywhere–bedroom, living room, office, craft area, garage, etc.!

  110. L. Sylor

    ¡ªTip. When installing the AAA batteries, be sure the spring contacts are centered over the battery contacts.
    ¡ªThe magnifier is a bit heavier than anticipated. Note: If technically feasible, a small lithium battery instead of three AAA batteries could reduce the weight.
    ¡ªValue Add Suggestion. It would be nice if the unit came with a plain cloth case to protect the glass when not in use.

  111. Mrs. H.

    Light is very bright. Really like the smaller “jeweler’s loupe”. I’m using it to check hive frames for bee eggs – it gets the job done. Lens is supposed to be glass but seems like plastic to me – too lightweight to be glass. Works well for what I’m doing.

  112. regrey

    this works very nice with the light very nice i
    sure did need this.

  113. anomyous

    Very bright light and nice size to hold in the hand. Would recommend it.

  114. Albert Richter

    I bought three

  115. Cute

    Product as described

  116. gary yetter


  117. Michael

    The handle compartment requires 3 AAA Batteries. Trying to fit them in and close/click the cover was frustrating.

    I tried 3 times, pushing gently down on the Batteries trying to make the cover click into place. I started thinking it was a flawed design and should be returned.

    The 4th time, I again lifted the Batteries out and put them back in, and finally got the cover to click shut.

    The battery compartment should be redesigned about a quarter inch larger.

    I’m keeping the item because it helps to read the fine print on food labels. The light is necessary when reading some labels because the dark letters are sometimes printed on a dark background.

    I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the frustration with closing the battery cover.

  118. haesten

    Handy little gadget. It’s got a great feel as you use it — like your old, clear vision is restored. So well balanced I forget I’m using a magnifier. Bought another one recently and am planning on getting more to park at various places around the house. So bright i can use it as a little flashlight.

  119. J. Pryvarski

    I’ve had this magnifying glass for 2 months now and am very happy with it. I am also very happy (and impressed) with their customer service. I had a problem with the order – details unimportant, contacted Seezoom and received a response the same day. The issue was resolved immediately. Love that. Great folks to do business with. Thank you Oleg.

  120. Marie

    Good quality magnifying glass. So good I purchased a second one as a gift.

  121. Fernan Soler

    La linterna posee alta potencia y es muy ¨²til

  122. Mike M. LoPiccolo

    Just perfect. Light works fine and provides good clear magnification. Highly recommended.

  123. Madeline

    Good quality magnifier. I’m using it without the light. I find that the batteries make it too heavy.

  124. John Calvert

    It is particularly helpful for reading very small type with eyes that are 83 years old 🙂

  125. Keith E. Brown

    Light is bright, albeit perhaps a bit tinted too far toward the purple within the spectrum. A more neutral, natural white hue would be an improvement.

  126. WA

    This little tool is just what I needed to read expiration dates on food items liked canned goods or assembly instructions written in tiny fonts. Thank you.

  127. Kansas Bob

    Works great since I am a coin collector

  128. Donna

    It’s so easy to turn on the built-in light! The switch is easily acceptable both to the thumb and forefinger. It also has a smaller super zoom magnifying glass in the handle for extremely detailed and small items. A great gift for people who read a lot and especially for those puzzle enthusiasts!

  129. John Frederic

    The lifht and extra mag circle make the tuffer places visible.

  130. Lindy

    I bought this for coins but it is still almost impossible to see the mint dates!

  131. DK

    I am updating my previous review after thoroughly reading instructions that came with the magnifier. The small lens makes reading appear upside down if held too far away, but when held closer, works perfectly as intended. Overall, very happy with purchase.

  132. Mary Peterson

    Love the light!

  133. Tiwi

    easy to hold, the built-in light is convenient and helps so much

  134. Lorraine Bella

    Great product can read very small print.

  135. Happy Consumer

    I am a 66-year old male. Visual acuity is not what it was even ten years ago. Reading the labels on medicine bottles absolutely demands the use of a magnifying glass, and it doesn’t work to have to get up off my desk to go into the kitchen where the light is good. The built-in LED light is perfect for use at my desk, where light is not as bright.

    I am loving this thing. I use it daily.

  136. KK Casy

    Wish the batteries had come with it.

  137. Hnd Coldy

    Great for the price. Like the light feature. Nice weight to it. Would buy it again.

  138. AW

    I bought this magnifying glass primarily for use after a long day of charting (I’m a nurse), and was completely happy with it – until it came time to change the batteries. I swapped out the batteries supplied with it with 3 brand new AAA batteries, and got nothing. I even checked the batteries with a battery tester and all were fine. I’m really disappointed because, as I mentioned, it is a great magnifier. I did, however, buy it in large part because of the lighting component.

  139. Np


  140. returning student

    It is light weight, thus easy to hold, and the light eliminates need to look for additional light. I have an old heavy one but this one is easier to use.

  141. Save9

    Easy to use one handed. Led lights very helpful.

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