Clip On Light With Magnifying Glass

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  • 【3 Color Modes & Stepless Dimmable】The magnifying glass with light and stand features 3 color modes ( white, white & warm, warm), each color mode with 10 levels of brightness. you can choose different lighting sources according to light conditions, alleviating eyestrain. Enjoy newspapers and books even if seniors have vision problems such as aging eyes or macular degeneration. In addition, the magnifying glass with 72 LED lights.
  • 10X Magnifying Glass & USB Powered: The magnifying glass with light reading lamp uses thickened optical glass with high magnification that can magnify from 10% to 100%(10x), this is useful for people who need to work continuously at close range or who need to compensate for aging eyes. Our lenses are made of heat-resistant glass that protects the lens from scratches. The high-definition optical lens magnifier with no optical distortion helps reduce eye fatigue and can work all day long.
  • 360° Flexible Gooseneck & Scratch-Free Design: The 360° flexible adjustable magnifying gooseneck reading light allows you to bend and twist to any place without any noise. You can work, read or study anywhere even in bed. The magnifying desk lamp has a strong clamping force, so you can point the glass and light where you want and adjust it without loosening or tightening knobs to place light for the best viewing.
  • 【Eye Protection & Save Resources】The magnifying glass lamp consists of 72 LEDs illuminating high quality, non-flickering, and non-dazzling, helping those who read and work for hours every day to protect their eyesight and reduce eye strain, ideal for repairing, reading, and drawing, working and studying. Being an eco-friendly LED Magnifying Glass with Light for bed, it consumes 80% less electricity than traditional incandescent lamps so you can reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your electricity bill.
  • 【Widely Application 】The clip on light with magnifying glass is about 4 inches, the large optical lens will give plenty of vision for those intricate tasks. Magnifier with light is perfect for reading, circuit boards, electronic component soldering repairs, model making, sewing, diamond painting, manicure, map enlargement, jewelry appreciation, manual embroidery, puzzles, etc.
  • Inazano also has other kinds of magnifiers, such as handheld magnifying glasses, folding magnifying glass.

Specifications of Clip On Light With Magnifying Glass

  • Brand: Nazano
  • Color: Dark Black
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Lens Material: Glass
  • Magnification Strength: 10 x



Dark Black

Lens Material


Magnification Strength

10 x

51 reviews for Clip On Light With Magnifying Glass

  1. Colleen V.

    The width of the lense in the description includes the bezel… it’s smaller than the palm of my hand. The clip is also extremly tight so it almost hurts to grip it and readjust it. The clamp is also not angled, so it ends up kind of flopping around a bit. Total dud, didn’t even bother plugging in the lights, just donated it.

  2. jengee2

    Okay, box was a little damage when I received it and not sure if it was a “return”. However I kept it because it worked. If it didn’t, it would be going back. It does change lighting scenarios when you click on the button and the magnifying glass is good.

  3. Cloud Burst

    Good product, but before you order make sure the place you are putting it has at least a 2″ overhang for the clamp to hold on to & VERY strong hands to get the clamp open. Think item description needs a few more details.

  4. Michael Plante

    Nice and bright, lightweight and not super bulky. Adjustability seems good and has controls for light temperature and brightness. USB plug-in so can run off of multiple power sources. Seems like a good one so far – set up at the games table for extra light on Xmas and it did the job!

  5. Jennifer Jerome

    It is exactly what I need to doing my crafts.

  6. Luci O’Brien

    works for my uses

  7. Altja

    Using it for threading needles, crafts , reading small print etc.

  8. Kindle Customer

    It works great

  9. drifter

    I mostly use it on my workbench when building or repairing circuit boards however it’s came in handy as a ring light to photograph a product I was selling

  10. LumberJack

    so far love it

  11. Wade

    I use this magnifier for detail work on my artwork and crafts. It works well. Light is bright and magnifying lens does the job. I¡¯d be lost without this now.

  12. Scott

    Not any better than ones you can get at the dollar store

  13. Christopher C.

    The arm is fairly short but as someone that is using it on a casual basis it is a good fit. The clip is strong and holds easily on table and desk edges. The lamp gives good strong light and the power cable is a good length. If you are someone that works with electronics or paints minis or does anything else requiring use of a magnified lamp on a regular basis I would look at something a little higher end. If you just occasionally need to use one to illuminate and magnify small tasks on a variety of surfaces, this will work for you.

  14. 44kiwi

    Works well, just wish the bendy neck were a bit longer so I wouldn’t have to sit so close to the table where it’s clipped

  15. Joyce

    I paint miniatures and this magnifying glass has LED light all around the outside. It is so easy to see what you¡¯re doing. The arm is easily adjusted to the perfect position too. I love it!

  16. Jeff

    Clap is strong but not damaging to what it clamped to. Use the goose neck construction as it is quite flexible to move about. Good use of lighting options.

  17. Margaret Caskanette

    I originally only wanted the magnifying glass, but with the light, wow. It really helps when doing fine work.
    I didn’t realize it was a usb, but it’s OK that it is.

  18. Rascal

    I bought it so I would be able to see when it is dark. The LED lights omit a lot of warm light, so the paint dries very fast on the brush, counter productive to paint. With that in mind it is useless for what I wanted it, painting when it gets dark. The clamp could be a bit larger. It JUST holds on to my kitchen table when using it, the clamps are very short and slip easily. It would come off with the slightest nudge. The magnifying glass is great. The arm is ok but for painting about 10cm to short to move over a 20×11 inch painting. The arm is also very stiff, it needs some hand muscles to adjust it. The “on off” button has already an issue after using it 5 times, not sure how much longer it will last. I feel it is cheaply build. Due to the warmth of the lights it is regretfully not suitable for painting by numbers when it gets dark. However the different choices for lights are nice. Over the day I can use stronger reading glasses for painting instead of this magnifying glass. I would not recommend it for painting.

  19. Excellents produits , tr¨¨s belles couleurs


  20. Dorothy Keogh

    This light is really helping me to see the small areas on the painting that I am doing. It is perfect for any job that you do. Thank you so much.

  21. chantal lemay

    This is a useful light, but after 5 use it¡¯s not light up anymore. Unfortunately the lamp has stop working after the time return has past.

  22. Rowan

    I’ve only used it once so far, but the magnifying glass is clear and easy to see through, and the light is great as well! The only downside is that the clasp isn’t very strong, so I find myself having to position it just right so it doesn’t fall.

  23. Keffelew Assefa

    Works great, as expected.

  24. Alan Kramer

    Cheaply built and no where near 10x, seems to be closer to 3x in magnification.
    How can someone sell stuff like this without seeing they are cheating people!
    The clamp is very wobbly and not a solid mount at all.
    Disappointed all the way round with this purchase.
    I do not recommend this product.

  25. Rachel Smibert

    The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is only because I didn’t even know the plug is actually a usb plug not a plug for the wall. Even though I was surprised by the usb plug I was also surprised at how well the clamp works and how good the quality of the whole thing was. Very happy and would highly recommend. Also should add that it has a good weight to it as in its heavier then it looks but not too heavy( it’s a good quality kinda heavy) and that the magnification part is a great size. It’s big enough to actually get a good view unlike most like this are way to small for my liking. Money well spent so far, will update after time passes to update on wear after using for a while. I’m happy

  26. kelsey

    Husband loves it, does what it needs to do and easy to move from place to place

  27. Linda Beaulieu

    Love it didn¡¯t expect to get as much use of it but it¡¯s absolutely amazing for diamond painting project !

  28. Kim Austen

    It is great when you order something and it is exactly as you expected – that doesn¡¯t happen very often.

  29. Ray

    Clamp holds lamp secure
    Goose neck a little stiff but hold¡¯s position well
    Very good illumination and auxiliary functions

  30. Mike

    Good sturdy lamp, excellent visibility. added sticky tape to the foam on the clamp jaws to keep it from shifting around. Do understand that the LED ring around the lens gets very warm, and draws about 2A of current on a 5V USB wall wart. Be sure to use a high power when operating at high brightness.

  31. Ron Churchill

    My wife bought this to help her see her cross stitching projects. She loves how much it magnifies the details and the light is an added bonus.

  32. contik32

    Light is good but mechanically it’s not OK – cheap plastic easy to break, also, it doesn’t hold well on the desk

  33. Ggalde

    bonne loupe de travail parfait pour bijous

  34. Roberta Luzny

    The light and magnifier assist my husband to get his needles in as he does home dialysis.

  35. Rita Borsellino

    The lighted magnifyer was exactly what I needed

  36. Matthew Morrow

    Different light color settings(yellow,blue,white) up down brightness…love it

  37. Brian Hale

    Good lighting and good magnification

  38. Mitchell

    Great product and price.

  39. Sharlene Desjardins

    I would give 4.5 stars but it won’t let me do half a star. Although the clip is metal, which is much better than plastic, a c clamp type clamp would be better. The clamp included barely fits around my table

  40. Cheri laffre

    Has changed my painting game ! I can now see to put a lot of details in my paintings. I love the fact that I can change the brightness of the light. Very sturdy and good value for the money

  41. KoHb

    The light works just as I expected and good price. It is a little heavy for the clip but you can work around that. I did find it doesn’t take long to get hot but that doesn’t effect the functionality.

  42. Andrea

    The box had kinor damage, but the light was fine. I got this for my beading crafts because I got tired of my glasses. The lights have a dimmer so you can choose the brightness. The magnifier works great and it’s clear. Comes with a little cloth to wipe the lend. Only downside, it’s a USB hook up and like every other USB product, it doesn’t come with the cube.

  43. Oder

    After reading reviews all over the place I went and ordered this thing. Guess it’s a luck of the draw if you get one of the better ones made but, I’m never that lucky.
    The magnification or lack there of was hardly noticeable, the clamp was not strong enough to hold it to anything and the stiff goose neck was hard to adjust and stay where you put it without slowly moving. I remember when products like this were made with way more quality.
    Do you feel lucky to order one?

  44. John Buffett

    This product fit my requirements perfectly. There was nothing to be setup and the glass is clear.


    I love how you are to change the brightness of the lighting to your liking. The magnification is awesome for what I use it for. I read medical charts for work and this is such a big help to release stress on the eyes with small print. Would definitely recommend this magnifier.

  46. Scott C

    Bought these item as a gift. This is what was wanted.

  47. vicki gauvreau

    Seems to work as advertised. great for anyone who needs to see details.

  48. Empress Jenni

    The length of the neck on this magnifying lamp is too short to work with it without it being an obstruction.

    The magnification is great but the short neck length gets in the way of my hands or my tools as I¡¯m working.

    The clamp is very strong.

    I would not recommend for use while trying to work on something.

  49. chantal lyonnais

    Satisfaction garanti

  50. Doreen Murphy

    I found the remote it is attached to the cord.
    The product is excellent

  51. simigal42

    We gave it a shot, Not the fault of the product but our family member needed a much stronger magnifying glass so had to return otherwise a nice product.

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