Handheld Magnifying Glass For Reading

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  • High Power Magnification: Nazano handheld magnifying glass for reading comes with double glass lenses, Perfect magnification effect to be helpful for the elderly and low vision for easy and clear reading.
  • Excellent Brightness of Lights: This Magnifier with 12 mini ultra-bright LED lights. It is well-designed for low vision or macular degeneration people. Health-led lighting can allow people to read in the dark for a long time with comfortable.
  • Large Lens & Multiple Use: Magnifying glass with light equipped large double real glass lens makes the surface durable and scratch resistant, high power magnification, ideal for examining fine prints in reading newspapers, documents, maps, coins, stamps, electronic parts, jewelry, photos, and crafts, needlework, plants, and other close work.
  • Easy to Hold: 3.15-inch effective diameter, built-in ergonomic design, easy to hand hold. LED magnifier works with 2x AA batteries (not included). You can take it anywhere without charging worries.
  • Great Elderly Gift: Most elderly have difficulty reading the small print on coupons, prescriptions, and medicine bottles. clear magnifier with light is a good assistant as a gift for seniors. Therefore, one handheld magnifying glass for reading is a must-have item for them. More options for handheld magnifying glasses. Check it out

Specifications of Handheld Magnifying Glass For Reading: 

  • Brand: Nazano
  • Color: All White
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Weight: 280 Grams
  • Lens Material: Glass



All White


280 Grams

Lens Material


191 reviews for Handheld Magnifying Glass For Reading

  1. Ninjat

    This magnifying glass lights up great where you need a brighter light for night reading. It’s also good for every day reading, especially for reading labels on prescription bottles, and recipes on cans and other small inscriptions. Has many uses and it’s easy to handle and easy to replace the batteries inside.

  2. Eagle16Rkfj

    bought one a few months ago and liked it so much i bought more to have in each room.

  3. Thomas C. Moore

    I don’t know if there are two pieces of glass but it looks like stretch marks and smudges inside.
    they wont come off. Other than that magnification seems good.

  4. HawkYT0

    This glass has lights to help magnify whatever you are viewing.

  5. Charles R. Davis

    is the best feature, making everything much easier to read. The instrument itself is a little bulky and heavy but it does the job. The battery case is accessible and easy to open.

  6. Ice6WB6Z

    bright lite
    great magnification

  7. Linda Thomas

    It is as hoped.

  8. Karen J. Moore

    Easy hold, well lit, serves its purpose to a t. My husband misplaced the one he had and I already had this one on my desk so I let him use mine. He liked it so I ordered one for him to keep by his computer. He likes this better than the one he misplaced as it’s not as heavy and has better lighting.

  9. Tiger8COOdoJ13w

    I can see the small stuff,the light is great,well worth the price.

  10. LionFUNkxkh

    Use to read small print. Perfect design.

  11. Queenzz9I

    It works well with coin collection

  12. IceQvJKElT

    Magnifier is such an upgrade to what I had. The led lights are very bright making everything easy to see no matter if it is day or night.

  13. Dragon6gra5OH

    I use it for reading small.print. like it very much

  14. Richard T. Taylor

    I got this for my dad who has poor eyesight, he says this is a great upgrade over the one he had before. very easy to use and the magnification makes a big difference. only thing that could be better is that the light could be a bit brighter.

  15. AceR4kq

    Its spot on as described. However, battery did not arrive with it and no instructions to the batteries! 2- AA’S maybe!

  16. Dragon7zse

    It lights. It enlarges! It’s great!

  17. Eaglec3M6G

    I bought this for my mom as she has macula degeneration and can’t see very well. She now has been able to read her books and prescriptions much better. Very good product

  18. David J. Brown

    Legally blind gift

  19. David Williams

    Very happy with this product. The light makes it so much easier to read small print also.
    Thank you

  20. Richard D. Garcia

    We use this a lot in and around the house to remove splinters and trying to read tiny print! Super Bright!

  21. Richard J. Hernandez

    It is perfect foe seeing the ¡°small print¡± on any packaging.

  22. Ninja0vSBc06P8s

    Good for reading the tiny labels on medications and to increase the size when looking at old pictures. Very sturdy, well balanced and works great.

  23. Linda Garcia

    It works.

  24. StormRAMNFs

    It’s nice but a bit heavy for use, the lights are great, but like I said very clumsy, too heavy

  25. Patricia Davis

    This is a bit heavy to hold, but the light and magnification are great. I have ordered 10 more to give as gifts!

  26. Tiger4s3vt

    As I have gotten older, my eyes aren’t as good! This product is simple and straightforward. The led lights are a great bonus! I would recommend it to anyone who needs a boost! I surprised how often I use it! Has the print always been so small! Lol

  27. James Anderson

    A little heavier than I expected, not enough to return. I will keep. I like that it has a bright light!

  28. HawkxX

    Even without batteries it is very heavy for its size. Hand gets tired quickly.
    But it has good light and great magnification.

  29. Jennifer Martin

    It is exactly as described.

  30. ShadowLg

    Great magnification and the lights are awsome.

  31. Richard R. Davis

    Good size, ample lighting..

  32. Karen T. Brown

    The light does help with reading small print. Now if the lists of ingriedients would be in black letters on light backgrounds instead of white letters on light backgrounds I could read everything. Light works good. I would like a little bit bigger glass.

  33. Robert Miller

    Very bright and perfect for my use

  34. Michael D. Martinez

    Works perfectly, just as advertised. Easy to use and hold

  35. NinjaIjRI8b9uqX

    Very good for the price. I can now read c medicine bottles

  36. Wolff36

    all good, but heavy because it is glass

  37. Karen Smith

    Nice size, light weight, but impossible opening the place for batteries. Kept anyway.

  38. Joseph Hernandez


  39. Jessica Moore

    Light not as bright as I’d like,however a nice magnifying glass.

  40. CoolIWcLf7mBiY


  41. KingGM

    Very effective magnifier for desk use. Thank you.

  42. Robert Jones

    It’s a very helpful magnifying glass because sometimes I cannot read small print. Thank you kindly!

  43. Jennifer P. Hernandez

    i love this magnifying glass. its nice..and big ..and easy to use

  44. KnightW2krtn1kFi

    The light on it is amazing! I honestly didn’t notices it had one. So it was a bonus to me!!!!

  45. DragongVpI

    help full when reading small print on drug bottles at my tesk.

  46. William Davis

    My daughter took 1 for “eye spy” adventures. I got one each for 7 family members. Big hit. 6 of us were over 40.

  47. Karen Jones

    very bright

  48. Thomas Rodriguez

    Magnifying glass comes with a bright light that makes it easy to look at pennies.

  49. Robert Davis

    This works great, its very handy, now I can read the tiny writing thats on some products , I really like this.

  50. WizardW9b7SI9jr

    Nice unit for the price.

  51. James Jackson

    Works well, the light is a bonus

  52. CoolXO

    This is perfect for coin collecting. The 30x lighted magnifying glass is easy to use.

  53. StormZ7rmhXSd


  54. Sarah Davis

    It’s a little heavy to hold after some time. The back cover for the batteries is soooooo hard to get off. I’ve actually hurt my finger trying to get it off once. But as far as the lighting & magnifying it’s great

  55. James Brown

    Nice product

  56. Susan Thomas

    Seems to be nice and bright, works as expected.

  57. Jessica Lopez

    It is a little heavy;however, the light makes it much easier to read.

  58. MP

    Unfortunately the glass gives you a wonky view of whatever you’re looking at – i bought it for an elderly friend with poor vision, so i thought it was just their issue – but i have 20/20 vision and it was just as distorted for me!

  59. LionvKk01ixQvZ

    I can see the fine print!!!!!

  60. Jessica Moore

    This Magnifying Glass with the 12 LED Lights is really nice! It’s not that heavy and I see things very good through it. Happy with it!

  61. Charles B. Gonzalez

    I can read fine print again, and this item does a very good job.

  62. IceMYe5cVs6Pg

    I liked everything about it.

  63. Michael Miller

    Just what I needed to help me read.

  64. Stormt0po2bQX

    Great! Got it for my step Mom who is going blind. It helped her a lot! She was happy.

  65. Karen Hernandez

    My Mom has macular degeneration. This glass allows her to work on word puzzles and see the numbers on the microwave. The unit has more lights than most magnifiers. It can be a bit heavy after holding it for over a 1/2 hour.

  66. Shadow83eRE8

    Exactly as described! Thanks!

  67. Wynema Faith

    It wasn’t lighted as advertised!

  68. stephen cockerham

    It’s best a 10x magnification no way it’s 30 I have a 30x jewelers loupe and it comes nowhere close to 30x its a 5x or 10x at most.

  69. Falconz1cYNb

    The price is right, & a very good product. Will be ordering another one soon.

  70. James Brown

    We got this to use with the increasingly small print in newspapers, directions on labels, and other things. It works great although it’s a tad heavy and the light can seem a bit “too” bright. Still, worth the money and not disappointed.

  71. Michael W. Smith

    Very nice!

  72. Jennifer Jackson

    Works as described

  73. Karen Miller

    easy to use. brings everything up so you can see what you are looking at easily

  74. WolfC

    I purchased this product about a week ago and so far it works just fine. The LED is bright enough, provided you have fresh AA batteries in it. My only critique is, If you intend to use this product frequently, the On/Off slider is a bit loose. It wobbles at the touch and isn’t firmly constructed. Assuming with frequent usage it may come off at some point. Otherwise, for the price, it’s good for stamps, reading, etc.

  75. cathy shumway

    It never did work.

  76. di

    You have to get the distance just right for focusing and only focuses in a very small section in the very center. The distance for focusing is too close for the ring of lights to be of any use. Asking to return. Do NOT recommend.

  77. Mary Wilson

    Thumbs up

  78. CoolOV

    very happy makes readinf eaiser

  79. EagleeO

    This product does all I hoped it would.

  80. Mary Garcia


  81. Eagle2Ao76BMLnR

    Good quality. High power.

  82. Wizardsbp

    I found exactly what I needed at an affordable price, and the delivery was quick.

  83. Elizabeth W. Lopez

    Looks good but it’s too much magnified to read a book. Thew range is good for tiny things though.

  84. D.

    Good lighting from the LEDs, at least when new. However there is no way this is 30x as advertised. While I have no way to measure in accurately, in comparison to others it seems to be about 10x. There is some distortion as well, but you can get a pretty clear image if you have it at the exact focus distance from what you are trying to see. It is also kind of heavy for it’s size. Considering the price of quality magnifiers, this would probably be worth the cost for most people.

  85. ShadowPOiz5zo4

    La lupa esta bien, hubiera querido que la luz fuera un poco m¨¢s fuerte solamente

  86. QueenkhDit

    Works great

  87. Barbara J. Jones

    I love the lighting feature, it’s sturdy and easy to hold.

  88. Jessica Jones

    Very bright great magnification but very heavy

  89. Jennifer Brown

    Really like this magnifying glass. Fits comfortably in my hand and provides just the right amount of light. If you do order, make sure you have two AA batteries on hand as no batteries are provided with the unit. That’s the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars.

  90. Paulette F. Bethel

    I have three of these; one for my office, one for my book and one for my purse. The magnifying glass is great. The time to get it, not so much. If you have time to wait, then you¡¯ll be okay. If you¡¯re in a hurry, try another merchant.

  91. Eaglei6

    The Magnifying glass lit by LED’s is as needed is well made and works great. It was delivered on time and was in perfect shape.

  92. Lionfb

    nice light weight, with a good magnification and back light

  93. Michael Garcia

    I love this magnifying glass, I can see my diamond dots easier! I wish the handle was a bit smaller but it does hold batteries.

  94. HawkOd5DC

    Having lights on a magnifying glass is very helpful to 76-year-old eyes. Love it.

  95. rick spinney

    save your what $ crap barely read anything with and heavy such a blur any angle straight in the trash it went complete junk dollar general 10x better I will be going back there to get another one figure I try this one lol what a waste of time looking @ it and ordering it ………

  96. Storm6hwM5zx6

    My husband loves the size and the light feature.

  97. Johnny

    The lights proved to be blinding

  98. Michael McGowan

    When using lights objects go out of focus

  99. David J. Jackson

    A bit larger than I expected

  100. Elizabeth Jackson

    The magnifying class is exactly as described. It is easy to use and the added lights make viewing better.

  101. Richard D. Bradley

    Mediocre optics-remember how good Zeiss was? Heavy in the hand. Illumination is a bright ring with a dim center. Depth of focus is too narrow.

  102. KH

    It was okay for the price

  103. CoolgnTqf4SiHh

    My 30x magnifying glass has helped us read the tiny print of medical bottles, build puzzles during the lockdown, found splinters, and work stitches in an embroidery project. It has been dropped multiple times. Fallen apart, re-assembled, taped together, the battery replaced and it STILL is actively being used on a near daily basis. We love it. It’s part of the family now.

    Yes, I recommend it and give it five stars for just being super helpful, especially for the aging members of my family.

  104. AcenrDKKf

    She love having a bright light &the size of the handle.Thanks

  105. Cari Lynn

    I bought this item for my son to help him read better. When I placed the batteries the circuit inside blew, started burning and smoking. I’m glad it happened when I put the batteries in and not him.

  106. KnightcI

    The light is cool because it stays on when you push the button but its so bright its kind of hard to focus on what youre trying to read. Over all I’d buy it again if I needed to.

  107. Shadowx

    Although it is a little heavy, it works well with seeing smaller objects.

  108. Susan Wilson

    Works well, clear lens, bright lights. Great value.

  109. IceKA

    Not much magnification and it’s too big.

  110. Thomas Wilson

    Was fine! Have not used it but put batteries in and it works

  111. Book Reviews

    Seems to be sturdy. It is NOT 30X. It is maybe 5X. Can’t focus past 2″. It focus’ well within 2″ so it does work.

  112. AceGsE5QxV

    Or at least that’s what my grandson is looking at with it.

  113. Susan Jackson

    Very easy to use and see small writing

  114. Jennifer L. Wilson

    Reading small numbers

  115. Elizabeth Wilson

    I would buy again

  116. ty

    The thing was falling apart after one use

  117. KnightvKbmE

    Magnifying Glass with 12 LED Lights, 30X Double Glass Lens Handheld Illuminated it is 30X Magnifying

  118. John Miller

    Great product

  119. Melvin D Smith

    As you can see from the photo, 30 times is a joke. I wanted strong magnification, this is no better than any other magnifying glass.

  120. alicia glauser

    It’s a good magnifier, but nota 30x. And is kind of heavy

  121. Joseph Williams

    Print in magazines and online is getting smaller and smaller, and my 84-year-old eyes can’t keep up. This magnifying glass solves the problem, and the 30X magnification is perfect for making everything readable.

  122. QueenHA6C0zg0G

    It magnifies fairly well. I couldn’t get it to magnify very well an inscription on a ring. But other than that it’s good for prescription containers and any other fine print. It’s a little heavy to hold . But the light is certainly a plus. I have it for stars only because of the fine print on the ring I thought it would be a little stronger.

  123. AceJlQ

    This magnifier is heavy and you have hold it close to enlarge the item. But the light is bright.

  124. James Taylor

    I bought this magnifying glass to help me with a jigsaw puzzle I was struggling to see the closeup of the picture on the cover. It has a light that helps also! Nice for old people!

  125. Oldcrankcase

    This barely magnifies to 2X-3X, not 30X as in the description. Illumination does not illuminate the center of the field of view. Other reviewers report this same discrepancy. It is hard to even make out the date on coins and even harder to see the mint let alone potential casting flaws in coins.

  126. WolfW

    One of the LED’s was not working right out of the box.

  127. Dragon3q6v

    Works great. Heavier than I thought it would be though.

  128. Susan J. Martin

    I love the magnifying glass, but I did not read that it was made for macular degeneration issues. My vision isn’t this bad yet, so for that reason I can’t really use it. I love the lighting though and will no doubt send on to a friend, who can really relate to this light. Very bright, and the magnifying glass is perfect, just not for me.

  129. Joyce Riola

    I changed batteries a few times and you’d then have to press down hard for it to work. It no longer lights up. It started no working after 3 to 4 months.

  130. Thomas J. Lopez

    Not 30x but still very good. I liked it enough I bought some more.

  131. Hawk1pjE3Dz

    works good. best one I’ve ever had

  132. WolfLxVx28

    It’s an ok magnifying glass, but it’s not 30x… it’s slightly better than my 10x desk mounted unit. Perhaps at maximum usable distance from the object it approaches 30x, but then it’s out of focus. Otherwise ok, and I’ll keep it mainly because it’s cheap and I do need a handheld magnifier.

  133. Storm5WKk1tvYV

    My Wife has Magular Degeneration. She uses one upstairs and one downstairs. We got one for her Niece.

  134. There¡¯s something rattling in between the walls of the bottle

    I have to look through with only 1 eye, not very easy for me to see with both eyes. My first time using magnifier, lighting is not good.

  135. Mysteryvo

    Item was as expected. Used to examine items up close for clarity.

  136. William J. Lopez

    great we can see again

  137. FalconirBNcxNjkB

    Glad to find this!

  138. WizardI

    works very well i can see!!!

  139. Shirley

    The lights are worthless. They need to improve on the lights. I am returning the one I got and will try and find one with a better lights.

  140. DragonnNZu

    Has bright lights, easy to handle and works great.

  141. Sarah Gonzalez

    Great for the price

  142. KingN7D2T

    Great for aging eyes

  143. Joseph R. Moore

    Can see the smallest details

  144. Jennifer Lopez

    Shipping fast – light helps a bunch and magnifier does its job!

  145. Sarah Smith

    Like the added feature of the light.

  146. FireBqyr

    Like it or not, you’ll hit an age where the lights in restaurants are too low to read the menu. It goes downhill from there. The fine print is too tiny, the lighting isn’t bright enough. Well, either way, you can pull out your cell phone, turn on that light and be the first to show off your old age. But really…wouldn’t you like to have a cool, light-weight magnifying glass In that case, you look like a detective! This lighted magnifying glass has 12 little LED lights which are nice and bright (and 8 more lights than our friends’ magnifying glass has)! The only reason why I haven’t given this 5 stars is that the batteries were a little hard to get in. The case wouldn’t close on the first few tries. Be patient (unlike me). You’ll need 2 AA batteries that were not included.

  147. Lionya

    The lights on this magnifier aren’t as bright as the ones on another model I bought, but it still works just fine for reading fine print in a dim room. I just wish the lights were brighter and – if I was to need another magnifier – I would order a different model than this one. It is easy to hold and turn off and on. Lens itself is just fine and easy to focus.

  148. Lion7mukMp

    Looks like product will be used alot.

  149. KingFCSVHZWb9

    When I was little, my grandmother kept a magnifying glass next to her chair in the living room, so she could read fine print. I thought it was hilarious. Now I am the old person, and this magnifying glass saves me the embarrassment of asking my son to read anything in small print to me. Also good for pretending I’m Sherlock Homes when I am really bored.

  150. Robert Wilson

    It works really well

  151. Shadow779xPwqlt

    Reading the newspaper

  152. Michael J. Miller

    Reasonable size with a light

  153. Corcor Lee

    Disappointed with this one, magnifying glass was pretty blurry and at most just 3x , returning !

  154. Sarah Martin

    Does what it’s supposed to do.

  155. Patricia S. Hernandez

    So far this product has been useful in viewing tiny print, but like other reviews have stated it is a little heavy. But it does help these old eyes see things I had trouble with in the past!!

  156. Elizabeth Jones

    Seems like it will be good when I get one with all the light bulbs working. I put the batteries in turn it on and one bulb was out. I will return this one and I’ve already ordered another one.

  157. FalconK

    Worked great for a few days, but last night I noticed the handle was very hot, knew to open up battery compartment and remove batteries. , I saw that one of the batteries split open. not sure if it’s the unit or batteries. Works great without light. Will put in regular batteries. And keep and eye out.

  158. RogueBbC

    It is easy to hold with a large handle. I find the focus/depth of field to be a bit narrow. It needs to be held fairly close to the object you wish to look at. The light is adequate.

  159. Nadine K. Sparks

    It’s ok, I just wish it was stronger

  160. Aceisy0XF

    This is one of the better lights and magnifiers. Happy with this purchase. Great for coin collectors.

  161. Hawk3

    Bought this for my father-in-law who had difficulty reading the newspaper. He loves it! 30x is awesome for his reading! The light also helps.

  162. Robert Rodriguez

    I the only thing I didn’t like it’s because is to heavy
    And I like the light

  163. FalconeKNk

    Bought one for home & one for office

  164. Jennifer K. Thomas

    It is larger than what I e,xpected
    But it works wonderfully

  165. AceAtBQ8HNkK

    This is a nice magnifying glass. It is a little small but will do the job.

  166. Wolfu7z

    doesn’t come with battery

  167. Thomas D. Anderson

    My l grandson just turned four years old and has developed an interest in all things bugs. His birthday party theme was bugs so as he was looking at them and his bug catcher toys and things that he received, he couldn’t quite see them and I thought the perfect addition would be a magnifying glass. He has gone through the house, the yard, the backyard and everywhere looking at everything up close he simply loves it.

  168. Thomas Martin

    Love this magnifier! Very helpful and even has a light!

  169. KnightT

    My eyesight is not good, so the magnifying glass doesn’t work too well for me. i did like all the features and think it is a good glass for the money.

  170. StormuNhYY42nDy

    We use it to read small print

  171. FireC

    Surprisingly heavy, given for gifts hope they like them

  172. Karen Lopez


  173. IceE2d

    good product

  174. Susan Hernandez

    Use it everyday!

  175. Dee Harris

    I was very disappointed that the lights didn’t work beyond an initial flash. It’s clunky, but the magnification is very good.

  176. RoguegJ7M1

    Nice and bright

  177. DEP

    Good size and shape with a strong magnifying glass. The led lights are worthless and barely noticeable unless it’s totally dark.

  178. FalconXRTQgZcD0

    Needed a stronger magnifying glass due to poor eyesight. This works just fine.

  179. WolfpJnoo

    It does everything I expected it to

  180. William Davis

    At the black friday discount price – This is good enough to get the job done. It is very bulky and heavy if you were a much older senior – but you put batteries in it and you can see the tiny pill jar writing good enough. I don’t think I would paid full price for this item. But with the discount – I will keep it.

  181. Barbara B. Johnson

    Has some weight to it and has more magnification power than I need to read the directions on the box or bag of whatever I’m cooking for dinner. But it does the job and lights up nice and bright.

  182. WizardZz8BWSwd

    You will have no problem reading the fine print. Use them regularly

  183. Mystery1JDJi

    This glass is great for checking details on very small parts and microscopic decals for the plastic aircraft models and cars I enjoy building/assembling. The magnification seems to be quite sufficient for my needs as it aids in the proper alignments of the very tiny parts.

  184. Ms.Gil

    Not a clear magnifying glass for small print disappointed

  185. King1sZ1Y

    Great working light. My only complaint is how heavy it is. This may be an issue for the older generation that have a hard time lifting this for more than a couple of minutes.

  186. Shadow6wM5Kb8Bu

    It’s great for reading but I wanted to use it for looking at coins.

  187. TigerdQYg9GtZN

    I bought this for my mom. Sometimes her readers (reading glasses) aren’t enough when she’s trying to read small prints.

    Not only was she pleased that it magnifies but delighted that it lights up to illuminate what she’s looking at. It is made of plastic and though doesn’t feel like the greatest of materials, it doesn’t feel cheap either nor does it feel that it’ll fall apart quickly. I would consider it mid range in terms of materials it’s made of.

    With the price I paid for it, it’s worth buying if you needed a light up magnifier.

  188. Sheila N. Pitts

    I bought two of these magnifying glasses and only one has the needed bright lighting. The other one may as well not be turned on at all, as you can see by my photo, due to the faintness of the light. I’m not satisfied with one of them. The other is fine. How do I return the one that is unusable in this condition? There are no instructions of any kind and especially for returning this product.

  189. Mary Lopez

    Bought this to help read construction blueprints.
    Works great

  190. Mysterykecc44R2lp

    Puts the light right where you need it. This magnifier is a huge help when working jig saw puzzles.

  191. Mary Hernandez

    Magnification light makes objects even more clear. Works just fine!!

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